Co-Director and Trainer

Amy Emerson

Hi! My name is Amy and Tesifa became my dream when the world started going crazy. My love for coffee has grown and morphed over the years, but I learned along the way one of my favorite parts is sharing that passion for others to enjoy. Through my training with Specialty Coffee Association, I hope to empower others to pursue their passions and enjoy the art of coffee..


Co-Director and Administrator

Melissa Mora

Hello! My name is Melissa and I am fascinated by everything related to coffee. From seed to cup; every single process is beautifully designed to bring to your table the ultimate coffee experience. Being a part of Tesifa Coffee will hopefully allow me to be a part of that experience, and help you enjoy it as much as I do!

Our Story

The dream for this project began with the idea of hope. All things in this world are not as they could be, but we can hope for something better. 

Tesifa Sech’ī means Hope Giver in Ahmaric, the language in Ethiopia. And since Ethiopia is where coffee originated from, it only seems right to turn there for our name. How can can coffee bring hope? Every level of the coffee industry can make an impact to the local and global community. 

Have you thought about the farmer that grew the bean, are they being treated fairly? Or the importer that brought it from one country to another, are they being honest in business? What about the barista that works to support their family or dreams to start their own business someday?

Tesifa Coffee School strives to teach our students about how to work in the coffee industry with a bigger impact perspective. 

Of course the final stage of quality is serving our customers. We want the world of quality coffee to bring the best experience possible to the people we interact with on a daily basis. It’s through our daily choices in business that shows the meaning of hope, sharing with our customers that their choice makes a difference.

Once upon a time, someone believed in the hope for our coffee dreams, now we would like to pay that forward and invest in the hopes and dreams you have for your future.

Now that you know us, how about we share a bit more about what we do. Check out the services we offer

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